Our expertise is at your service

ProtoRhino offers a turn-key service for tailored measurement and testing systems. 

All ProtoRhino software is developed to meet the highest of standards by a team led by a certified NI LabVIEW Architect.

Software development


Design and implementation of mechanics, optics and electronics

Our business success is based on the extensive instrumentation expertise coupled with a strong scientific measurement background.

Proof-of-concept studies

ProtoRhino offers quick and agile proof-of-concept studies to test and demonstrate the feasibility of ideas. Study will always yield a concrete result.

Novel Technology Review

Are you funding products or services where core technology is still in development? Is your risk directly related to R&D results?

Novel Technology Review is a report where we investigate

  • on what level is the company’s know-how and is their claim possible
  • what challenges might be met along the way
  • does present scientific research support the viability of the technology

The report includes validated sources of information.

Examples of projects that we could have evaluated in their early phases

  • Oura
  • Valkee

Future Technology Review

A threat or a possibility? Is there your product-related new technology coming to the market? Are you considering a new technology development project, but are not sure if it’s worth it?


Future Technology Review evaluates through present technology level and foreseeable future development if a specified technology can be developed profitably.


Review includes

  • Technology readiness estimation
  • Current technology used
  • Current status of scientific research at this technology
  • Estimation for 3-5 development steps
  • Key players in this technology
  • patents review

Example cases

  • IoT/AI development for fish farming

Patent Process Support

Do you have IPR that should be protected, but you don’t have the resources or know-how to go through the patenting process? 

Patent Process Support -service 

  • identifies new possible patents in company’s or university’s R&D
  • starts the patenting process
  • co-writes the patent with the client

Patenting can be done with the company / university or with a patent office.

Examples of our patent cases

  • EP3729390B1 – System comprising alarm devices
  • WO2019122522A1 – Measuring waves travelling fish cage

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee

We take client satisfaction seriously. If you are not happy with the result, we will not charge for our efforts.