Projects & Case Studies 

Common Wild Oat Detection

The Problem

The wild oat, despite the name, is a weed and a serious threat to farmers. Seriousness of the problem can be understood by the fact that the prevention of wild oats has even been legislated in Finland. 

In Finland, 17,7 % of cultivated area is infested with wild oats and it causes a loss of millions of euros annually. Since removing it is difficult and takes significant resources, it’s also limiting producers’ ability to respond to the surge in demand of oat.


The Solution and Benefits

This project aims at developing a technology that can identify wild oats and similar weeds in cereal field using hyperspectral imaging. 

Identification could be done much earlier, limiting the spread, improving the yield, reducing needed resources and economic loss and enabling the growth of oats farming. The solution has a global market potential as the problem occurs around the world.

As of now (15th of September 2021), we have established basic proof of the concept for the technology and are taking this forward.

If you are interested in this project, please contact our COO, Tuukka Järvinen.

Caidio spin-off

We started this project when a set of quality problems became apparent in the concrete industry. We saw that the problems could be solved with an IoT solution and found a diverse group of industry related companies and organisations who were interested in the possible solution.

After a set of events Caidio was spinned off from ProtoRhino to work as an independent company and develop the solution forward. Caidio is focusing on the biggest concrete market, China, and they have received a substantial investment which enabled further development of the solution. 

As of now (15th of September 2021) first commercial contracts have been signed and the process is being tested in a large concrete factory in China.

More information: Pasi Karppinen, CTO

FlexRHINO DynaMat

Enables real-time monitoring of material behavior under stress. Suitable testing schemes include, but are not limited to: cracking, material fatigue, tensile testing and creep.

With the FlexRHINO DynaMat, monitoring rapid changes on the material surface is now possible. Thanks to advanced image processing algorithms, the data can be analysed in real-time and the measurement can continue indefinitely.

More information: Pasi Karppinen, CTO